Break The Cycle

Logo design

Logo design and brand identity for a fundraiser.

Full Logo for Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle is a non-profit business in Leeds that seeks to raise awareness to the ‘cycle of poverty’ by organising a series of cycling events. Their inaugural event will see them cycling on a long journey from Leeds all the way to Vietnam. They intend to expand their fundraising methods by including other sporting events.

The main methods of fundraising is through donations and sales of merchandise.

BTC t shirt mock up small

Branded Merchandise


Break the Cycle aim to reduce poverty by bringing attention to their cause. They want to raise money through fundraising and merchandise sales to funnel into education for people living in extreme poverty all over the world.

Break the Cycle will be cycling from Leeds to Vietnam to launch their business. They were in need of a new brand identity system to raise their profile and begin to engage with fundraisers and donors ahead of their launch.

They wanted their brand identity to be striking as they intend to sell branded merchandise to generate income. 

Logo Design

Break the Cycle wanted to include imagery that described the kind of landscapes the cyclists will encounter on their first fundraising mission. In particular, they described cycling over mountains and deserts and sleeping under the stars. They wanted this imagery to be at the foundation of their brand identity. 

We created a flat line pictorial logo that is memorable and incorporates the imagery Break the Cycle desired. The typography is bold enough to be used alone without the icon, allowing for multiple use over digital and print media.

Their brand identity was applied over a range of products and a creative strategy was developed to position them in front of their target audience.

Illustrative icon logo design

Icon in colour

Logo and Branding Design for a charity fundraiser

Main Logo

Logo and Branding Design for a charity fundraiser

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