As we reach the end of the year, and indeed the decade, it is time to reflect.
Finance Tech Company Yorkshire Payments undergo an extensive office re-brand. See what MD James Howard and Kate Adamson from Grinning Graphics had to say about it.
Large Brands have started to increase their engagement with Woke advertising and Branding and advance on their Corporate Social Responsibility.
How a Fine Art Education created a great Graphic Designer and taught me The Differences between Art and Design. Studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.
When it is time to rebrand? What are the reasons why you may need to rebrand? How to rebrand, and what to do next.
Is your logo memorable? A logo is not a sales tool, it is used to identify your values and to build trust in your customer.
The key to developing a strong brand is to be consistent with your brand identity. Brand guidelines is your map, there to guide your business' brand.
How much does a logo design cost? In order to price a logo design, it is important to understand what value that logo will bring to you and your company.
Asking the right questions to find the right solution for the client involves a lot of communication about their needs, aims and missions.
Your brand is what your customer says it is. When it comes to hiring a designer for your logo or website, it is helpful to understand what your brand is.