Is Your Logo Memorable?

Is your logo memorable? A logo is not a sales tool, it is used to identify your values and to build trust in your customer.
A logo is not a sales tool, it is used to identify your values and to build trust in your customer.

What is a logo?

A logo is a mark that identifies your business to your customers.

Don't use a logo to explain what you do

A logo does not work like a photograph or a banner or flyer, it does not need to hold masses of information.

e.g Client: “I am a gardener and I need a logo, it needs to show a spade, a rake, a lawnmower and some gloves”
The common mistake is to include too much visual information in a logo. It can be tempting to try to include several different images and icons as you want the viewer/customer to understand you and what you offer.
This is not a successful logo. Too much information in a logo weakens it’s message, it’s simplicity and ultimately the goal of identifying your business.

Make it easy for people to remember you by keeping it simple. You should strive for quick recognition and identification. 

e.g Adidas : Their logo doesn’t show that they sell sportswear, not a training shoe or t shirt in sight. It is a simple, elegant mark that has stood the test of time and immediately identifies their brand.

Target audience, Typography treatment and Kerning.

Logo should be designed with your target audience in mind. Personal tastes should be disregarded. I once worked for a client who was very superstitious about certain colours and felt that two colours in particular brought bad luck.
Each font you see has a psychological effect on the viewer. A very obvious example of bad type choice would be to use sharp corners and bold fonts for a business that offered soft furnishings.
Kerning is also very important. (the space between characters). Kerning adjustments are a huge part to creating a timeless, elegant logo. For a logo to be memorable, it has to work on all scales. Logos are used on every piece of digital or print material you own, can it be recognised even when it’s at it’s smallest?

Ask yourself these questions about your logo:

Your logo needs to be instantly recognisable to your customers. You want your customers to associate you with quality and the services you offer. Customers are loyal creatures, once they find a brand they like, they very often stick with that product/service. Make sure you are the first thought they have, by having a simple, memorable logo.
Above all, if you are not a designer, please do not attempt to design your logo yourself. This is the worst thing you can do for your brand identity. Consumers can recognise when a business has invested in design and when they haven’t. When a business invests in design it sends the message that they care about their image and they can deliver on their principles.
e.g A bank:
Would you trust a bank if their logo was designed by the CEO’s cousin or sister? You would question why they don’t care.

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