Live By Your Brand Guidelines

The key to developing a strong brand is to be consistent with your brand identity. Brand guidelines is your map, there to guide your business’ brand.

The key to developing a strong brand is to be consistent with your brand identity. Brand guidelines is your map, there to guide your business onto the right path.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines usually come in the form of a booklet and contain detailed rules and instructions on how to implement your brand identity to maintain consistency and strength of image. Your guidelines should be consulted regularly.

Why do I need brand guidelines?

Your guidelines are the backbone of your brand identity. It is the gravity that holds the key elements together. If you live by your guidelines your brand identity will be consistent across all platforms. Your brand guidelines should be detailed enough so that you can inform future designers and staff you may hire to adhere to your brand identity from day one.

What is included in brand guidelines?

  • Your logo and different lock ups. This includes white, black and colour. It will give guides on how not to use the logo and how to display it correctly.
  • Your colour palette. This will give you the colour codes to use online and in print. Included are instructions of how to use the colours, how often and for what purpose.
  • Your typography. You may have several fonts and font families for your brand, these guidelines keep your typography usage consistent on all platforms.
  • Tagline.(if you have one) – Details and instructions of how and when to use the tagline.
  • Icons. Your brand may use icons that support your logo and brand identity. It is important to know when and how to use them and keep it consistent.
  • Mock ups. Your guidelines may include mock ups to show how your graphic elements should be presented on posters, clothing, products etc.
  • Tone. How to represent your business on social media, websites and print.

Why is consistency so important?

Consistency in your brand identity is crucial for building relationships with your customers. Don’t confuse your customers by having inconsistencies, your customers need to feel that they can trust you and trust that you will deliver on your principles. A powerful brand is formed by staying true to your values and principles and maintaining consistency across your brand identity.

What do I do if I don't have brand guidelines?

If you don’t have a set of brand guidelines for your business, it’s not too late. You can have your brand identity reviewed and have a set of guidelines created for your existing brand. You can ask the designer who created your Logo to provide one, or you can hire another designer to review and create your guidelines. If you stick to your guidelines, you will build a strong and powerful brand.


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