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Brand guidelines are essentially style rulebooks that explain how an organisation should implement its brand and present itself to the public to maintain a consistent brand look and feel.

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Whether in customer service, sales, or marketing, maintaining a consistent brand style is crucial for any business. Brand inconsistency can confuse and alienate customers and dilute a brand’s identity and appeal.

Some designers refer to brand guidelines as a ‘brand bible.’ Your brand guidelines are your go-to guide for applying your brand. It includes best practice for using your brand logo, typography, fonts, and colour values for digital and print. It can also include company taglines and marketing straplines. This guidebook outlines the ‘dos and don’ts’ for your brand, including how to best implement your brand across all platforms consistently, and potential mistakes to avoid.

With our logo design and brand identity packages, a set of brand guidelines will be included, so you know how to apply your brand assets consistently in everything that you do. We can also produce a new set of brand guidelines for an existing brand.

Our brand guidelines will include:

Primary logo, how to use it, and how not to use it.

Secondary logos such as landscape, black and white, social media, single colour.

Colour values for use online and in print. CMYK, RGB, Hex, Pantones.

Typography, how and when to use your primary and secondary fonts.

The rules of your brand e.g which logo should you use for different scenarios, maintaining a consistent brand colour palette and brand fonts.

Image guidelines

Best practice for employing brand icons, graphics, patterns, and textures.

Brand Guidelines: Working With Grinning Graphics

We work closely with businesses and organisations to develop brand guidelines that support their values and their business goals. From the initial consultation, to delivering the completed guidebook, we ensure we understand your brand, your core values, your brand personality, and your target audience so that we can outline how best to present and communicate your brand coherently across different print and digital mediums and in different contexts. A successful brand shows the public why they should choose you over your competitors. Brand guidelines are a key ingredient in building a successful brand. 

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At Grinning Graphics, we create brand guidelines that serve as a solid foundation for how to make the most of your brand and ensure it becomes an important asset for your business.

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