Brand Identity and Rebrand

A Brand Identity design describes all the visual elements of a brand that help identify and distinguish a brand in the eyes of the public. 

Brand Identity Design

A Brand Identity design describes all the visual elements of a brand that help identify and distinguish a brand in the eyes of the public. A full brand identity will include a brand logo, a distinctive colour palette, typography, and fonts, and may also include additional brand assets that compliment and develop a brand further, like bespoke graphics, textures, patterns, images, and icons.

At Grinning Graphics, our brand identity packages are suitable for any business, whether you’re looking for a full brand overhaul or a new brand identity. We understand that a successful brand can be one of a company’s most valuable assets, helping to connect with an audience and drive interest and sales.

To develop a unique brand identity, we start by examining the business and the market it operates in, and analysing the businesses strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, so we can understand business goals and identify and clarify its target customers. These insights help to determine the brand personality and brand voice and help with positioning the business where it will be most effective. If a business’s products are targeted at children, for example, a brand identity centred around youthfulness and playfulness would be more successful. Or if you are aiming for a more mature and sophisticated brand identity, it would be more effective to employ an understated, minimalist style and use brand elements that communicate luxury and exclusivity. Using carefully selected colours, shapes, fonts, imagery, and voice, a clear brand identity amplifies a company and helps it communicate its brand to the world.

Our unique and thoughtful designs and artwork will give your business a memorable visual identity that will help you connect better with your customers. Our brand identity package will include:

Colour Palette

Typography and Fonts

Icons and Grapics

Textures and Patterns

Image Library and Image Treatment

Digital Branding

In the digital age, companies are increasingly viewing a company website as a vital branding and marketing asset, and a great opportunity to communicate with their audience, promote their brand, and win new customers. Grinning Graphics can help you expand your brand identity digitally. See our website design page  for more information on how we can develop your brand identity online.

Website Rebrand

Rebrand Design

A rebrand is the process of changing the image of a business or organisation. A rebrand aims to reorganise how a business presents itself to the public, to create a new identity for an already existing brand. There are many reasons why a business might be interested in rebranding. A business may see an opportunity to grow and want to reposition their brand to attract new audiences. A business may have innovated, offering new products or services, and their existing brand may now look outdated and in need of renewal. A rebrand can be a very effective way to revitalize a brand, reconnect with customers and give a business a boost.

At Grinning Graphics, we help businesses take their brand to the next level. If you’re a business looking to transform your brand identity and refresh your image, our rebrand packages are designed to give your brand a visual identity that embodies your mission and your ambitions. Through extensive research and analysis of your current brand positioning, touch points and concerns, we create unique visual assets that help your business connect with your audience. We also help you through the transition from your old brand image to your new look.

Our rebrand package will include:

Analysis of existing brand and brand positioning.

Extensive research into your industry and market.

Discussions about your brand, goals, visions and aims for your rebrand.

Brand assets redesign.

Guidance for launching your rebrand and transition.

Website Rebrand

If your rebrand requires a redesign of your website, we can help you capture your new brand identity so that your website design aligns with your new brand visually. See our web design page for how we can help.

Website Redesign

Brand Identity and Rebrand Design: Working With Grinning Graphics

We love working with businesses and organisations to create new brand identities that support their values and their goals. From the initial design brief, to delivering the final designs, our design process ensures our clients are informed at every stage of the project. We get to the heart of your business and what makes you unique, and we encourage your feedback to help us ensure we’re creating a new brand identity that fits your business perfectly.

Visit our case study page and read about how we’ve helped businesses create a strong visual identity that compliments their brand and communicates with their target audience.

Logo Design & Brand Identity Design

Our Brand Identity and Rebrand Work

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Voluntary Action Calderdale

Case Study Coming Soon

Rebrand, Brand Identity, Web Design

Yorkshire Payments

Yorkshire Payments had outgrown their brand identity and wanted to look more professional and to stand out from their competitors. Through an extensive rebrand, internal office branding and a website overhaul we helped YP launch their new brand with huge success.

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

EdShift CIC

Through drama and arts play, EdShift CIC equip children and young people who are dealing with domestic violence in the home with coping strategies. We created a new brand identity and a membership website to allow for downloadable resources.

Logo Design, Brand Assets

Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing

Coming Soon

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At Grinning Graphics, we’re passionate about creating memorable brand identities that help businesses stand out.

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