Office Rebrand in the Heart of Brighouse

Finance Tech Company Yorkshire Payments undergo an extensive company rebrand and office rebrand. See what MD James Howard and Kate Adamson from Grinning Graphics had to say about it.
Finance Tech Company Yorkshire Payments undergo an extensive company rebrand and office rebrand. See what MD James Howard and Kate Adamson from Grinning Graphics had to say about it.

Kate Adamson of Grinning Graphics and James Howard of Yorkshire Payments were interviewed about the extensive rebrand and office design for the new headquarters on Brighouse High Street.

About Yorkshire Payments

Yorkshire Payments is a merchant services provider based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Founded by James Howard in 2013. They provide everything from contactless chip and pin machines through to more complex  EPOS systems and e-commerce payment gateways. Upwards of 3,500 customers use Yorkshire Payments’ solutions, from start-up coffee shops right through to nationally recognised brands.

What was the reason for the company rebrand? What has the business rebranded to, what is different about it?

Yorkshire Payments underwent their first company rebrand in 2014 when they changed their trading name from ‘Direct Card Solutions’ to ‘Yorkshire Payments’.

James Howard: “After founding the business, I quickly discovered that Yorkshire has a unique heritage of which the people who live here are extremely proud, and that a mundane business name would prevent us tapping into that heritage commercially.”

After taking some advice, they were renamed Yorkshire Payments. They wanted their business name to align with the honest, upfront values that are so often associated with Yorkshire.

It was a success, and the company has grown rapidly over the last five years, bringing them to summer 2018 when, turning over £2million and with a strategy to double that figure by the end of 2020, it was time for us to freshen things up once more.

In September this year, YP moved their head office back on to Brighouse high street.

To support the move, YP again underwent a complete overhaul of their brand. Tapping even further into the Yorkshire connection, Grinning Graphics incorporated the Yorkshire rose into the new logo and kept their signature blue colour. 

Kate Adamson: “I ensured that elements of the logo could be applied separately and standalone while remaining recognisable as Yorkshire Payments, creating a wide range of brand collateral including office branding, artwork, print and digital promotional material.”

How did the process work, what was the timescale and the costs involved?

James Howard: “Engaging a branding and design expert was vital for us, as we needed to achieve a result that had longevity as the business grew. Keeping it local, we collaborated with Grinning Graphics, a specialist branding agency run by self-employed designer, Kate Adamson.”

Kate Adamson: “My first task was to find out how much of Yorkshire Payments’ existing brand was relevant to the business. At the time their logo had a cartoon chip and pin machine and was not suitable for the professional identity they needed.”

There was a need for various elements of the brand to be applied in isolation across different marketing materials and locations. Yorkshire Payments needed  something suitable and ready for trademarking as the business grew; all important parts of future-proofing their identity. Kate created around six or seven different brand and logo concepts that would allow for this.

James Howard: “We were presented with much clearer, simplified branding options that prominently featured the Yorkshire rose, and we worked with Kate to make small amends before we settled on the identity we have now.”

From start to finish the re-brand took just over 12 months, including moving into their new head office, creating brand concepts and then applying them across our estate. In total, a £300,000 investment in the future of the business.

What were the challenges and how were these overcome?

Kate Adamson: “Ensuring the project stayed on track was probably one of the hardest parts. Choosing the colours fonts and logos you want is the fun part but bringing it all to life in line with a major office relocation is more difficult.”

Deadlines were in place for approvals and sign-offs when it came to artwork, to ensure everything was sent to production on time and in line with the building progress.

Kate managed the project and liaised with suppliers while remaining close by if anything should go wrong or needed changing at the last minute.

James Howard: “We also had to fulfil an increasing demand for updated sales collateral from the sales team, who were out on the ground closing deals and needing access to the most up-to-date brochure and website. This wasn’t always easy, but by involving all our staff in the ups and downs of the process, we were able to negate any impact on the bottom line.”

What benefits has the business seen as a result of the company rebrand, and how have your customers responded?

James Howard: “Commercially, it has been a huge success. We recently achieved a major milestone for the business, processing more than half a billion pounds in transactions through our systems, and in the last 12 months, we’ve added a further 500 new businesses to our client base – a number that continues to grow every week.”

Kate Adamson: “Yorkshire Payments feel their new brand makes talking to potential new clients easier by providing a natural conversation starter, as many of them already recognise or have seen their brand on social media, via their website or displayed loud and proud on Brighouse high street.”

James Howard: “By combining a strong, distinctive brand that plays on trust and heritage, with a new head office that places YP at the beating heart of our hometown, we’re now very much ready to achieve our growth ambitions over the next 12 months and beyond.”

Special thank you to James Howard, MD of Yorkshire Payments, and Alex Mason, PR and Communications Consultant.

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