Logo Design & Brand Identity

We create memorable brand designs that help you communicate your brand values and personality visually and connect better with your customers.

Our creative and unique logo designs and brand identity designs help you to distinguish your business and stand out from the competition.
Logo design and brand identity

Bringing Brands To Life

At Grinning Graphics, we love to bring brands to life.

Brand identity design incorporates all the visual elements of your brand, including your logo, typography, brand colours, textures, patterns, and icons. A unique brand identity distinguishes your brand in your customer’s mind. A brand identity encapsulates how a business presents itself to the public and how the public perceives a business. Design plays a key role in establishing brand recognition and trust. In the words of legendary graphic designer Paul Rand, “design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Brand identity design conveys the values and personality of your business to increase brand awareness and help your customers connect with your brand.

At Grinning Graphics, we focus on getting to know your business, your customers, and your products and services, to understand your business and your brand positioning. Once we know all we can about your business, we use imagery, colour, shape, typography, and other design elements to develop a powerful visual identity ideal for your brand that helps you stand out in your industry.  

Our Logo and Brand Identity Design Services

Logo & Branding

Logo Design

A logo is the cornerstone of a brand and a symbol that identifies your business. Our logo designs aim to express your brand personality and highlight what makes your business unique.

Full Branding & Rebrands

Brand Identity Design and Rebranding

Brand identity is a collection of elements that a company employs to create or change a brand image. Our brand identity designs and rebranding packages create memorable visual identities suited to your business and your industry.

Best Practice

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a set of defined rules and best practices that show how your brand should be presented to the public. Our brand guidelines package will help you clarify how you should communicate your brand in a consistent and effective way.

Full Suite of Files

You will receive a folder with every file type you need for print and digital. This includes vector files and image files. You will receive a primary logo and secondary variations such as landscape, black and white, full colour and stacked.

Brand Guidelines

As part of every brand identity project, we will create a set of company brand guidelines. Your brand guidelines establish best practices for using your brand and help you and your team to implement your brand on all platforms consistently.

Brand Elements

Along with your logo, we can create additional brand assets to enhance your brand identity. This can include image treatment, brand icons, bespoke graphics, and illustrations.

Working With Grinning Graphics

We help businesses of all sizes to increase their brand presence in their industry.

We have worked with small start-ups, sole traders, and larger businesses to create brand identities that align with their values and their mission. From start-ups to large companies, we get to the heart of your business, your brand voice, and what makes you unique, to help us develop a new logo and brand identity that fits perfectly.

If your business is growing and you feel you may have outgrown your brand identity or logo design, we can help. We will review your current brand and discuss your ambitions for your business. From our initial discussion and design brief, right up to your brand launch, we will be with you every step of the journey.

Visit our logo and branding case study page and see how we’ve helped businesses transform their brand, creating strong visual identities that communicate with their audience and enhance their brand image.

Logo and Branding Process

Customer Journey

1. Consultation

During your consultation we will discuss your brand goals and full requirements. This is the time to let us know about your pain points and what you hope to achieve with your brand identity. We will provide a plan of action and guide you in the direction best for your brand success.

Discussion about your brand goals and full requirements. Book a FREE Consultation. Give us a call on 07837733242 or email us at

Graphic design team
2. Research & Planning

After our consultation, we will begin the research and planning stage. We investigate your industry and competitors and look for gaps in the market where your brand could stand out. We analyse your current brand identity and look for ways we can use our experience and expertise to make a difference and take your brand to the next level. We will present the findings with suggestions for the direction of your brand and logo.

3. Design Exploration

The design phase begins once we have discussed your requirements and completed our research findings. Design stages involves sketching, digital drawing, colour and typography exploration. We will select three designs that we believe will be an asset for your brand. In a presentation, we present the three logo designs along with mock-ups of real-world use so you can see your designs in context.

4. Feedback & Revisions

You will have some time to digest the three designs before our next discussion. You will be able to select one of the designs and make two revisions. After our feedback session, we will begin to refine your chosen design with the revisions we discussed.

5. Files Delivered

We will refine your final design and prepare your files and brand guidelines.

You will receive a folder of a variations of logo types including stacked, landscape, full colour, and black and white. You will receive all file types suitable for print and digital (Image and vector files). If you’ve undertaken a full rebrand or new brand identity we will deliver all of your print and digital artwork in a zip up folder that can be shared with your team.

6. Launch Your Brand!

It’s time to launch your brand. You are now fully equipped with the tools to implement your brand. If you need help marketing your new brand or if you need help transitioning through a rebrand, we are available for advice and guidance and can provide effective marketing campaigns to get the word out.

Logo Design and Brand Identity Design

Our Branding Work

Membership Website, Rebrand, Web Design
Coming Soon
Rebrand, Web Design
Coming Soon
Membership Website, Brand Identity Design, Brand Assets
Through drama and arts play, EdShift CIC equip children and young people who are dealing with domestic violence in the home with coping strategies. We created a new brand identity and a membership website to allow for downloadable resources.
Logo Design
Out Of The Box are a singing choir with a difference and required a unique logo to help them stand out and communicate their unusual singing style and song choices.

Start your brand journey

Whether you’re looking for a full brand identity design, a rebrand, or a new logo design for your business, at Grinning Graphics we will guide you through the process every step of the way.

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