That was the Year that was

As we reach the end of the year, and indeed the decade, it is time to reflect.
As we reach the end of the year, and indeed the decade, it is time to reflect.

We are approaching our third year anniversary in January 2020 and this has made us particularly reflective of not just 2019 but our journey so far. 2019 has been a great year with many interesting and engaging projects. 

Some highlights for Grinning Graphics this year include being nominated for “Best New Business” at the Yorkshire Choice Awards 2019, seeing long term clients increase their brand presence and witnessing their ongoing success, working with more charities and social enterprises, and helping many start-ups enter the business world with a brand image they can be proud of. 

Yorkshire Payments’ move to the High Street was a major development for the company and involved a huge branding process which was a proud moment for the year. They are now firmly based in the heart of the High Street and are expanding their brand presence.

Working with Core Facility Services to implement their rebrand and develop their sustainability services and projects has been another shinning moment. To work with a socially conscious company with an impressive stand point of giving back to the community has been inspirational and has encouraged us to make plans for 2020 to focus more on the community.

In September we collaborated with the very talented GRiT Pictures to produce a new website for Henderson Property. GRiT produced a series of videos while Grinning Graphics designed their new website and incorporated their video testimonials and promotional video. Henderson Property are extremely passionate about respecting the buildings they renovate, with beautiful restorations and attention to existing detail. You can also see how much they care for their tenants through the gleaming video testimonials on their website.

One of the most thrilling projects has been with EdShift CIC. Grinning Graphics have been with EdShift from conception and have been on a journey from talking about the vision to having a strong recognisable brand and website to now gaining funding and recognition from local organisations and communities. Their growth in the short period of time has been staggering and is real testament to the work and passion from all of the Directors of the company.

A Selection of Web Design Projects from 2019


A Selection of Branding and Logo Design Projects from 2019


Plans for 2020!

January 2020 is already set to be eventful with the launch of two brands that we’ve been working on towards the end of this year.  Yorkshire Sports Pay and a brand new community and sustainability project with Core. We have recently begun a new project which we are particularly excited about, with VAC (Voluntary Action Calderdale) which will be ongoing through the first quarter of 2020. 

Best Wishes!

To all of our supporters, followers and wonderful clients, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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