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A unique website design is a great opportunity to broadcast your brand personality digitally, create a branded digital space to engage with your audience and win new customers, and promote your business widely.

Multimedia Website Design

Positive User Experience

A website is a versatile business and communication tool used widely by businesses, organisations, and individuals to promote their brand, share information easily, and build trust with their audiences. A website can be a powerful tool to raise awareness of your brand, generate leads, and expand your customer base.

At Grinning Graphics, we’re passionate about creating unique website designs that reflect our client’s brand and that their visitors find engaging to use. We understand that web design is not just about how a website looks and feels. It’s also about how it works. We use layout design, imagery, typography, graphic design, and user interface design to create unique and dynamic website designs and positive user experiences that guide users towards the key information about your business or organization.

Our website designs help turn visitors into customers. A professionally designed website has a significant positive influence on visitors’ behaviour, and on a business’ credibility in the eyes of potential customers. According to a recent survey, 38% of people will stop interacting with a website if it is poorly designed. 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design. Your website should be the centrepiece of your brand’s online presence. As these surveys suggest, overlooking the design elements of your website can be a costly mistake for your business.

Our Website Design Process

Our website design consultation ensures we understand your brand and your ambitions for your new website before we begin sketching out ideas. We structure the design process so that we can benefit from your feedback and use it to make revisions and refinements to the design along the way.

Our standard website design package is suitable for businesses and organisations looking for a strong online presence and a platform to connect with customers and get their brand out into the world. A website will grow and develop alongside your business, but it’s important to start off on the right foot. If you’re on a budget, we offer one page scroll website design to get you started. Once your business grows, we can help you to build up your website and add more pages and functionality. You may already have a website but are looking for a redesign. If you already have a website and you feel your business has evolved and it is no longer doing your business justice, we also offer redesign packages to help align your website with your current ambitions.

Our designs strive to generate positive user experiences and positive impressions of your brand. We do this through understanding your business and audience, carefully creating appropriate designs, and anticipating how visitors will use the site and focusing intently on user experience. 

Our standard website design package includes:

Unique, Branded Visual Design

Website designs include exclusive bespoke visual design elements inspired by your brand.

User Interface (UI) Design

Clear and efficient User Interface (UI) design with thoughtful layout design, easy to understand site navigation, and design consistency throughout.

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) design that focuses on using the power of design to enhance usability and provide engaging visual and multimedia experiences for users.

Website Design: Working With Grinning Graphics

Our website design process is devised to ensure we understand your brand and your ambitions for your website. During our design consultation, we will discuss how you want your website to look and feel and what you want it to do. Through discussion and research, we help you identify your goals for the website and shape the design to ensure it works and delivers as you intended. We will set deliverables and establish a timeline, making it clear when each stage of the project will be completed. Our design will optimise to serve your goals for your website.

We will share drafts of our designs for your review and will use your feedback throughout to make revisions and refinements as the project progresses. We will develop unique branded design elements and an intuitive navigation system to provide an engaging user experience and a website that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Visit our website design case studies page to see how we’ve created successful website designs for a range of businesses and organisations.

Website Design

Our Website Design Work

Website Design

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Voluntary Action Calderdale

Full Rebrand including Web Design and Membership Portal for VAC, a community driven charity based in Halifax

Intuitive Web Design

Rebrand, Web Design, Office Branding

Yorkshire Payments

Yorkshire Payments had outgrown their brand identity and wanted to look more professional and to stand out from their competitors. Through an extensive rebrand, internal office branding and a website overhaul we helped YP launch their new brand with huge success.

Multi media website

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

EdShift CIC

Through drama and arts play, EdShift CIC equip children and young people who are dealing with domestic violence in the home with coping strategies. We created a new brand identity and a membership website to allow for downloadable resources.

Mobile Responsive Website for Football Club

Website Design, Ecommerce, Football Fixtures

Brighouse Town AFC

A new online platform for Brighouse Town AFC to sell their merchandise and to keep their fans up to date with match dates, league tables and fixtures.

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If you’re looking for a website design or redesign to create a unique and engaging digital space for your business, organisation, or project, our standard web design package is the perfect choice.

Our website design service is about creating a visually appealing and engaging website that aligns with your brand and that visitors find easy to navigate.

Whether you’re looking for a redesign or a brand-new website, get in touch today to book your FREE website design consultation.

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