Website Spring Clean

Website Refresh and Redesign

Web design refresh and redesign

Reduce Page Load Speed

Reduce Page

Clean up SEO

Test Your Website

Website Refresh and Redesign? Use the link below to test whether your website could do with a spring clean.

Website Refresh and Redesign

Is it time for a Website Refresh and Redesign?  We have a campaign that helps you bring your website up to date and remove any SEO clutter.

Spruce up your website with a Grinning Graphics Spring Clean.

Spring is a time to evaluate and reflect. A time to think about what we can improve on and what we can leave behind. 

A very popular spring cleaning activity is to clear out your cupboards. Throw away that old packet of half opened lasagne sheets and the sticky tub of syrup that’s stuck to the shelf, it’s time to spring clean.

Why not do this for your website?

  • Has it been a while since your site was updated?
  • Do you need to clean up your content?
  • Perhaps your SEO hasn't been looked at for some time


Performance and seo

  • Increase page load speed 
  • Resize your images to enhance performance
  • Label your images (alt tags) with your chosen keywords
  • Reduce Page size and Page requests
  • Clean up CSS and HTML
  • Add and organise header tags.

Design and Content

Message and brand consistency

  • Update new products or services
  • Create blog post templates
  • Analyse brand consistency through the site
  • Improve site navigation
  • Add new members of staff to your about page
  • Refresh old images

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