Out of the Box

Logo Design 

Logo Design for a Choir

Out of the Box are a singing ensemble based in Halifax. They arrange performances in their local areas to benefit communities, charities and causes close to their hearts. The members formed the group to harness their creativity and performances to encourage a greater sense of inclusivity. Out of The Box pull out various works of art and literature from a box on stage, and pair it with music that compliments the artwork.

Bold Logo Design

What Was Needed

Founder Giselle specified that they were looking for bold branding design. They wanted the Out of the Box logo to have a modern, contemporary look that would fit in with their overall idiosyncratic and eccentric style. They emphasised the important of the role of the box in their performances and wanted to logo to capture that in some way.

Bold Logo Design

What We Did

Stylising a bold typeface, we deconstructed the positioning of the letters to give each letter its own individuality. We coupled this with an image of a box alongside the ‘Out of the Box’ lettering. The icon uses piano keys to highlight the musical aspect of the group. The colour scheme is designed with a view to enabling the group to use different colours for different types of performances. 

Out Of The Box main Logo Design
Out Of The Box Logo Design
Out Of The Box Logo Design


“Grinning Graphics designed a vibrant, dramatic logo and helped us to crystallise our ideas and develop a better understanding of what we are about. As always the initial drafts captured our essence and Kate’s visit to hear us in rehearsal and to listen to the passion for singing that drives us gave her the opportunity to incorporate our ethos with imaginative flair. We are thrilled with the final products and pack of guidelines to help us market and publicise ourselves effectively and cannot wait to begin. High quality and their service guarantees extremely good value for money and complete client satisfaction.”

Out Of The Box

Giselle Herbert - Founder

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