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Core Facility Services

About EdShift CIC

EdShift are a drama-based learning company who provide educational workshops aimed to equip young people with the skills to achieve healthy relationships and better mental health. They run these workshops in mainstream and alternative schools across the KS2 & KS4 curriculum. They use a variety of digital resources and drama processes, including role play and improvisation, to engage and include all participants in their learning process

Web Design

Web Design Brief

EdShift explained that they wanted a modern logo design that above all else appealed to children and young people and would help them develop a brand strong enough to engage with young people on social media and within the performing arts. They wanted the logo and branding to evoke a sense of hope and performance and specified that they wanted us to craft a “grungy” and “edgy” design that would look striking on social media, on their website and on various printed media resources that they will produce for schools.

EdShift’s educational ethos is centred around effecting a shift in thinking and perceptions in sensitive and difficult subjects. After discussions with EdShift, we began by sketching and exploring different ways to show movement, to represent a shift from previous thinking towards seeing things in a new light. Performance is a key element in spreading the message, so we incorporated a traditional stage costume mask into the logo. The mask also plays on the notion of masks representing transformation and a shift in perception in the performing arts. The icon is bold and flat. We decided to keep the logo monotone but to compliment the brand with a strong colour palette that would present well on merchandise, online, and on printed brochures. The font is intended to complement the bold icon by mirroring the soft lines and monotone style. 

Office Branding

Office Branding Brief

EdShift explained that they were looking for a well-designed three-page website, with a blog and blog template designs. They wanted an interactive web design aimed at young people, to encourage them to engage with EdShift and to inform them about the workshops and programmes available. They also wanted the website to encourage people to get in touch to donate or volunteer with them. EdShift were also keen that the design be colourful and creative and reflect their focus on drama and performing arts.

We decided to use the vibrant colours already present in EdShift’s to create a strong brand image across the website. To help engage a younger audience, we created an interactive web design, with eye-catching headings and titles, and designed animated text, images and statistics that would be more appealing to them. The images were selected to reflect some of the subject matter of EdShifts workshops and their key target areas – Mental Health, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.We also created a strong call to action, visible on every page, to encourage people to get in touch about how they can help, donate or volunteer with EdShift.


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"It's like you've put a contraption to my brain, sucked all the ideas out of it and somehow made sense of it and created MY VISION - How do you do it? How have you just....done that...I am literally bamboozled. And yes I have just resurrected that word but there are no other words. You just GET IT and I can not thank you enough for EVERYTHING you have done in bringing this digital vision to life."