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Logo Design for Mindset Therapist

Build it Brilliant was founded by Zoe Thompson, she is a strategist and mindset therapist and works with people who want to create effective online courses, programmes and products. The goal of Build it Brilliant is to help thought leaders, experts and therapists to maximise their potential and boost their income through online technology.

Logo Design For Start-Up

What Was Needed

Zoe is a trained hypnotherapist and has ran her business ‘Refreshed Minds’ for many years. Build it Brilliant, created in 2020 was inspired by her ability to connect people together and her unique skills designing and delivering workshops. Build it Brilliant needed it’s own identity separate from Refreshed Minds and that’s where we came in. Zoe wanted certain elements to be represented in the overall feel of the logo design, such as spontaneity, enjoyment, friendly, multiple paths and journeys.

Logo Design For Start-Up

What We Did

We focused on creating a brand that reflects the characteristics of the business through symbolism and stylised typography.

The wordmark was customised to represent the ups and downs that can be experienced on a career path. As an additional brand element we crafted an arrow and spot pattern that also features in the wordmark. The arrows and spots represent spontaneity and multiple journeys.


“Kate grasped the concept of Build It Brilliant right away and managed to bring everything I wanted together into branding that surpassed my expectations. I have already received a number of lovely comments from clients. Kate was easy to work with, creative and enthusiastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kate again.”

Build It Brilliant

Zoe Thompson - Founder

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