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Logo design and brand identity for business consultant.

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Sarah Moss is an experienced Business Consultant and has recently completed her business coaching qualifications. She is now a personal coach for individuals in business, helping them achieve their goals and resolve personal issues that may be holding them back in business. She has over 30 years’ experience in business consultancy and has an MBA from London Business School.
Social media banner and header design

Social Media Banners for Business Consultant Sarah Moss


Sarah’s business provides consultancy and business coaching services. After discussing her objectives with her, it became clear she wanted a logo and brand that evoked her extensive business experience and knowledge. She wanted her logo to reflect that she was more than a business coach, that she was also an experienced consultant and an executive trainer. Sarah briefed that she wanted a logo that was ‘clean’ and ‘professional,’ and that evoked a sense of warmth, clarity and enlightenment.

Our Approach

Logo design

After meeting with Sarah, reviewing her objectives, and sketching some ideas, we concluded that an abstract icon that suggests a narrative of guiding people toward clarity and enlightenment. The interlocking lines represent the strength and stability of her team, the typeface is bold and simple to most effectively engage with a business audience, and the colour gradient fades from ‘cool’ to ‘soft,’ restating the desired theme of a ‘journey to discovery.’
Business Coach Logo Design

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Business Coach Logo Design

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Business Coach Logo Design

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Print Design and branding

Stationary and letterheads.