VAC Rebrand

Logo Design and Brand Identity Design

What They Asked For

VAC wanted us to create a new logo design and a new brand identity to help modernise their brand image and integrate their new name ‘Voluntary and Community.’ This included developing a new brand colour palette and brand assets. They wanted a brand design that was distinctive, modern, and eye-catching, something that will help them stand out within the voluntary sector not just in Calderdale, Yorkshire, and across the UK. Initially, VAC wanted to keep their existing green brand colours in the new logo as they had used it for so long and were concerned that existing members wouldn’t recognise them with a new colour base. However, they were happy for us to make other suggestions and to add additional secondary colours to their library.

VAC explained that they didn’t have any wider brand assets like icons, graphics, or a quality image library. They wanted us to develop a full brand identity package that included a range of brand elements, bespoke icons, and graphics, that they could use in promotions and communications across their print and digital marketing channels.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

What We Did

We conducted an initial discovery session with the VAC management team, gathering information and ensuring we fully understood the brief. We then began our exploratory phase, reviewing other Voluntary Action websites across the country and analysing VAC’s current branding, to help identify problem points and areas where we could add value and enhance their brand identity. We concluded that VAC’s branding lacked continuity and consistency across their online platforms, and that visually the brand presentation did not engage or have a strong enough impact to achieve the effect that VAC wanted.

Full Identity Rebrand for Community Sector-01

What We Did

Logo Design

We conducted brainstorming sessions discussing our ideas for the new logo. We thought about VACs values, based on inclusivity, diversity, and equality, and how we could represent these values visually. We wanted the logo design to reflect VACs core values and to have an influence on the development of the designs. We discussed design ideas and sketched drafts outlining our designs. We experimented with shapes and adjustments, and soon settled on the idea of using three opened circles, each adjusted to spell out VAC. We created sketches of circles, adjusted and opened out, to represent community and inclusivity. We refined the circles further so they visually representing the letters V, A, and C as a sequence of three segmented circles. The open space made the circle resemble the letter ‘V,’ and, when rotated, would also be able to represent the letter ‘A’ and ‘C’ respectively.

We presented our logo design drafts to VAC’s board of directors for their review and approval. We discussed their feedback and made revisions and refinements to the logo design based on their suggestions.

What We Did

Colour Palette

We reviewed VAC’s existing brand colours. We agreed that VAC’s dark green with brown tones was not a good choice. It created a heaviness and overpowered colours paired with it. We understood that VAC was keen to maintain green as a brand colour, but we felt strongly that a different hue and tone of green would help create a lighter and more modern look. We developed several colour palettes that we thought would capture the right tone, and presented them to VAC, including replacing the darker green with a lighter tone. The lighter tone of green would symbolise VAC’s renewal, while also maintaining a connection to their original brand colours. We also provided a colour palette that didn’t include green to give VAC an alternative option.

On reviewing the colour palettes, VAC agreed that a softer green colour was a lot more modern and more pleasing on the eyes. They agreed to update their brand colour palette with a softer green replacing their existing darker green.

Brand Typography

What We Did


As part of the logo wordmark, we chose a bold font type to offset the delicate lines in the icon. We reviewed our typography library, and shortlisted appropriate typefaces that we thought would complement the icon. We concluded that the typeface ‘Poppins’ was the best fit as we felt that the typeface’s rounded letters complimented the icon, and the wide selection of weights and styles could be very useful in helping to create text and content hierarchies.

What We Did

Icons and Brand Assets

We created a range of bespoke icon designs for the VAC website, showing their services creatively and giving their brand a stronger cohesive style. The icons employ VAC’s brand colours and incorporate thin lines to match the logo design and overall brand style. We developed a library of appropriate images for VAC to start using to align with their new brand identity. As part of the image assets, we developed a unique way to present the images by using colour themed shapes to frame them. We wanted to break up harsh angles and corners and show fluidity to align with the softer, rounded styles visible in the new VAC logo design.

What We Did


Following revisions, we delivered the designs after VAC had given their final approval for the logo design, typography, brand assets and colour palette. Once we received the final approval, we produced a range of primary and secondary logo files, including landscape, stacked, circular for social media, and colour variations of the designs, black and white and full colour. We send VAC a digital folder of these files, with all files for print and digital included, including images files, image files with transparent background, and vector files.


“Grinning Graphics has completely modernised our branding and website for our main charity (VAC) and our quality assurance standard, Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing. The whole experience with Grinning Graphics has been great; Kate’s knowledge, talent and creativity took our brief and delivered above and beyond what we imagined. The websites are not only visually engaging but so easy to run, edit and maintain as an admin. We have received so many compliments on our new websites and branding and that is largely thanks to Grinning Graphics!”


Emma Worsley - Communications Manager

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