Yorkshire Payments – Corporate Rebrand

Full company re-brand

Yorkshire Payments is a merchant services provider based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Founded by James Howard in 2013, they provide everything from contactless chip and pin machines through to more complex EPOS systems and e-commerce payment gateways. Upwards of 3,500 customers use Yorkshire Payments’ solutions, from start-up coffee shops to nationally recognised brands.


Yorkshire Payments were looking for a complete corporate re-brand to accompany their recent growth and expansion. Yorkshire is a key part in their identity. They have a strong presence there, with a Yorkshire based sales and customer service team, and they donate to charities and sponsor local talent and entrepreneurs. It was important to remain loyal to their Yorkshire identity while transforming their brand into something more professional and suitable for their ambitions. They were clear that they wanted the re-brand to show their friendly approach and to not be ‘too corporate’.

Logo Re-Design

We understood that it was very important to maintain the business’ strong Yorkshire identity. They were keen to keep the Yorkshire Rose as part of their main logo. To differentiate, we focused on creating a unique rose icon inspired by the traditional Yorkshire Rose. Their friendly persona and personal approach are one of the company’s selling points, and they wanted to get this across in their branding. There was a need for various elements of the brand to be applied in isolation across different marketing materials and locations. They needed something suitable and ready for trademarking as the business grew; all important parts of future-proofing their brand identity.

The icon and logo are bold and simple and are adaptable for both print and digital media. We reviewed their original colour palette and made adaptions to it. The simplified palette now strengthens the brand and creates a more cohesive style that can be applied across all media.

Yorkshire Payments old logo
Before (2013 - 2018)
After (2018 - Present)

Full lock up in colour

Full lock up inverted colour 

Rose Icon

Brand Elements

As part of their re-brand, all their marketing collateral needed to be redesigned, including print and digital promotional material, social media channels, advertising, internal documentation and company handbooks. We created a suite of branded icons, patterns and various logo formats for this. Through a wide range of brand collateral, they can enhance their brand awareness in many ways. 

Yorkshire Payments and Bradford City

Yorkshire Payments feel their re-brand makes talking to potential new clients easier by providing a natural conversation starter, as many of them already recognise or have seen their brand on social media, via their website, sponsorships or advertising.


"Kate has taken us through a re branding. Hard working creative with great ideas for expanding our social reach within the local market. Highly recommend. Commercially, it has been a huge success. We recently achieved a major milestone for the business, processing more than half a billion pounds in transactions through our systems, and in the last 12 months, we’ve added a further 500 new businesses to our client base."

James howard - managing director - yorkshire payments