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Rebrand and Logo design Yorkshire Payments, a merchant services company.

Corporate Rebrand for Yorkshire Payments

Logo Design for Yorkshire Payments – Card Payment and Merchant Services

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Yorkshire Payments provide merchant services and card and digital payment solutions to businesses across Yorkshire. They help to boost Yorkshire’s economy by providing small to medium-sized businesses with the means to benefit from the rise in popularity of card and contactless payments. An impressive 3,500 businesses across Yorkshire now use Yorkshire Payments card solutions.

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Yorkshire Payments were looking for a complete corporate rebrand to accompany their recent growth and expansion. They had grown their client base by more than 20% and more than £470million of transactions was processed through their systems between April 2017 and March 2018. Yorkshire is a key part in their identity. They have a strong presence in Yorkshire, have a Yorkshire sales and customer service team and invest in local businesses. They also donate to charities and sponsor local talent and entrepreneurs.

They are passionate about creating jobs and opportunities for apprenticeships. They sponsor local football teams, Bradford City AFC and Huddersfield Town AFC. Their team is expanding with a lot of emphasis of customer care and sales. In response to their increasing expansion, they have plans to establish a high street presence. With such a successful business, with huge potential for increasing growth, we understood it was crucial to have a brand identity that spoke for the business and represented their values and mission.

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We understood that for Yorkshire Payments, it was very important to maintain the business’ strong Yorkshire identity. They were keen to keep the Yorkshire Rose as part of their main logo. Through research into Yorkshire businesses, it became clear that the Yorkshire Rose was a prominent theme. To differentiate the business, we focused on creating a unique rose icon based on the more traditional rose. Their friendly persona and personal approach are one of the company’s selling points, and they wanted to get this across through their branding. The icon and logo are bold and simple and are adaptable for both print and digital media. The colour palette was simplified. We took their original colour palette and evaluated its effectiveness. The grey tones used in their previous logo were often hard to read when scaled down or on light and dark backgrounds. The simplified palette now strengthens the brand and creates a more cohesive style that can be applied across all media.

Yorkshire Payments and Bradford City

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Originally their marketing strategy was to present themselves as a cheaper alternative to using high street banks. Having developed since then, they now offer much more. They offer round the clock technical support; their technical team will visit client’s premises to solve their payment problems and find the best payment solutions for their business. This is a unique service. No other bank or card payment provider offer this. We developed a new marketing strategy and campaign centred around Yorkshire Payments expert customer care and expertise in providing merchant services. Although they still offer very competitive rates, this is no longer their main selling point.

Social Media:

Before 2018, social media had not been a priority for the business. They did not have a social media strategy or any guidelines. We created a social media plan and designed a set of social media posts that would go out regularly. We took over the management of their social media account to maintain brand consistency and regular engagement with clients, partners and potential customers. We create a mix of informative videos, specially designed posts, blog posts and animations. Their social media engagement has increased since we’ve taken over it management, and they receive more online reviews and enquires through social media platforms.

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The new brand identity has been very well received by customers, employees and customers. Yorkshire Payments feel that their new brand image reflects their values and has helped place them where they want to be in the market. Social media engagement has increased significantly due to our well-designed social media marketing that engages with the card payment industry and promotes the Yorkshire Payments brand. Since we completed the rebrand and marketing project, Yorkshire Payments have added around 1,500 new clients to their client list.

"Kate has taken us through a re branding. Hard working creative with great ideas for expanding our social reach within the local market. Highly recommend.

James Howard - Yorkshire Payments
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Logo Design and Rebrand for Yorkshire Payments

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